Ecommerce Website Design Trends

The fight between simplicity and complexity continues. Another year has come and gone, and it seems e-commerce websites are changing their minds yet again. There have been some interesting design trends develop throughout the year. Here are a few design trends that are likely to stick around for a little while longer.

Out with The Words

There are certain places on a website where words are very powerful. A funny blog or an informative article both rely on putting words in the right place. There are also places where too many words are a bad thing such as on an e-commerce page trying to sell products.

Online shopping and e-commerce concept with golden icon on a computer keyboard

Chances are, by the time the person reaches the page that is selling the products, they have already learned whatever they were curious about in the first place. There’s no need to bombard their screen with more blocks of text. After all, many studies have shown that pictures grab the attention of viewers; not words.

First impressions are extremely important. You will notice that professional website design makes use of attractive images to grab the attention of viewers as soon as they visit a page where products are being sold. This design trend isn’t necessarily new, but it’s become more popular over the past few months. Fewer and fewer sites are relying on text to pull in visitors.

Animations Are Important

If pictures are what grabs people’s attention, then animations must be a powerful tool. Not an animation in the sense of an animated video, but more like a slideshow of various products. This animation can be placed at the top of a page and displays some of the best products located in the related inventory.

A slideshow animation can bring up a wealth of emotions in a visitor. It’s also a great way to show them a product that will catch their interest before they’ve had time to find it themselves. More dynamic e-commerce sites will be able to fill the slideshow with products that are relevant to the visitor.

Cards Make Navigating Easy

The concept of a “card-like” design has been around for a couple of years and is only becoming stronger. More and more e-commerce sites are realizing what an effective tool it can be. A card layout simplifies navigation and forces the visitor to pay attention to one certain area at a time. It can also be used to put new collections or products in front of the visitor.

The cards don’t always have to contain products either. They can also contain important information that you want to make certain the visitor reads. For example, if you are having a sale on a certain collection. They might not read a standard banner, but if it’s placed on a card that must be seen in order to navigate, then they are far more likely to see it.

Old Trends Are Here to Stay

Trends tend to come and go in the world of e-commerce. The above trends; however, have been around for a while and have only grown stronger. It’s very likely they will still be around in years to come. It’s not too late to start implementing them on your e-commerce site.

Danny Ericsen is the owner of Starfire Web Design, a Las Vegas website design agency, offering web development, SEO, and graphic design. Danny enjoys biking, golf, and writing about the upcoming trends in web design, with a focus on user experience. You can contact him at: Starfire Web Design 5552 S Fort Apache Rd #110 Las Vegas NV 89148 (702) 800-4447